We started our day with a group time. The children sang  good morning songs and read story books with Tima. This group time facilitates children´s listening, language skills, as well as concentration.

As the project about emotions, Hamish shared his book “Feelings”and everybodyloved reading it. Thank you Hamish!

As an extension of our emotions project, children were encouraged to sort the coloured animals based on their colours onto to the matching paper. With each colored paper, an emotion was attached. The children were asked open-ended questions about the feelings of animals in relation to the emotions. This activity helps in promoting the cognitive skills of children and emotional skills.

With Meg, the children acknowledged their winter clothes and prompted to decorate their own version of beanies with textas. This is facilitating their fine motor skills and promoting their creativity.

Some children enjoyed fixing the fire engine puzzle together. “Nee no…let´s fix the fire engine and save people,” said Arda. “I will help you,” said Ivaan. Jeffery and Emmiline also helped Arda and Ivaan to fix the puzzles. This helps children to enhance their cognitive skills along with their social skills.

During the self selected activities, Poppy and Isabelle enjoyed making funny potato head men! Some of our friends engaged in fixing mini puzzles promoting their problem solving skills. Some children enjoyed painting with Maria and yoga with Alejandra . These are facilitating fine and gross motor skills respectively. The self selected activities enable children to develop self confidence and sense of agency which helps in reflecting their self identity.

Please bring in the items starting from letter “J” for the next week and have a good weekend. 

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