We have had a very busy Friday in Crimson!

In the yard, we loved playing on the Music Mat! We took turns playing different instruments and loved being the Crimson band! We also had a video and grocery store set up! It was fun to use the shopping carts around the yard and use the registers! We had a salon set up as well. We were doing washes and blow drying the dolls’ hair.

We had so much fun today making alien masks with Soni! We showed great patience as we cut out the holes of the eyes and made our aliens come to alive as we walked around with them! We also did a

In 59, we were making a sun! It was so much fun to put all the fire on it! We also stayed busy in the rocket ship, practised printing words, and reading books!

We loved having a colour experiment with Gail today! We picked the coloured water up with the droppers and splashed them onto our paper towels! We also played a counting game with the dice and matching coloured pieces!

Thank you to Max to bringing a special treat to celebrate your birthday!

We hope you have a lovely weekend! See you next week!

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