Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another week of June!

We started our day with Yoga followed by group time. in Yoga, children were encouraged to practice Giraffe and Butterfly poses. Levi, Lily and Charlotte along with their friends followed Alejandra’s instructions very well. Well Done All! The Yoga promotes children’s heath and wellbeing. Moreover, performing many poses enhances their gross motor skills.

In the group time, children sang morning songs and enjoyed listening to the story “The Very Brave Bear.” Children were exposed to words “hero, brave, cape and construction.” The group time exposes children to different dialects and improves their concentration, language and listening skills.

in the learning center, children enjoyed sticking parts of Firemen with Helena facilitating the fine motor skills. Whilst with Alejandra, Georgia and Elise enjoyed painting their starting letter of their names. The learning experiences aware as well as acknowledges children about the body parts of firemen and first letter of their name respectively.

Outside with Nelson, children were encouraged to participate in obstacle course where Harvey, Levi W. and Joshan including their friends with full excitement engaged themselves in the obstacle course. They were very fast and stiff while walking in the walk boards. Great speed! This allows children to promote their gross motor and balancing skills.

Our Emma girls (Lily and Charlotte) and Elaria enjoyed tracing. They were fully concentrated and following the traces very well. This contributes in children’s literacy regarding their writing skills. Similarly, the experience enhances children’s grip to the holt the textas/ pens.

For the self selected activities, our super heroes James, Harvey and Hamish showed off their skills by jumping and flying high. And some of our friends enjoyed reading books, sharing potato head and farm animals.  This allows children to enhance their social skills and promotes their sense of agency.



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