On this chilly Winter’s Day, we made some snowflake stars with Rosanna. This was a challenging project as it had several components that we had to draw, cut out, then paste together! We were very proud of our final project and looking forward to seeing them up on display!

We were excited to extend on our dramatic play in 59 as we made our own helmets! We cut out the different pieces, decorated them, and then had fun in the rocket ship wearing them!

With Soni, we were learning about features of the sun. We then were invited to create our own sun paintings. We loved mixing the red and yellow paint to create!

Amariah brought in pictures from her holiday and Thomas brought in pictures from his trip to the zoo. We love hearing about all these exciting events we are doing during the weekends.

We also want to welcome Ibhan and Beatrice for the first full day in Crimson!

We also had a lot of fun playing on the deck with cash registers and little cowboys. In the yard, we enjoyed playing super heroes, playing with the Lego, creating a dinosaur zoo, and checking on the chickens and guinea pig!

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