The children started this beautiful day with lots of different activities. Each morning, we like to invite children to dance. This morning the children had the opportunity to enjoy some nursery rhymes and their favourite songs such as ‘Baby Shark’, ‘Rock A-Bye Bear’ amongst others.  While some were dancing, others enjoy pretend play in home corner. It’s great to see children sharing and playing alongside their peers. Bubbles were also a big hit amongst the children.

During learning centre time, the children started with group times; story group time with Maria and Ekta as well as music group time with Cindy. They also participated in various sensory experiences such as sand pit and play dough. The children expressed their creativity by painting cow’s as part of our project stemmed from the book, ‘Cows in the Kitchen’, practicing their fine motor skills by typing on the keyboard and driving cars around the yard.

The children were also invited to do yoga with Ekta. They love doing different poses.

We had so much fun today!

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