What a beautiful day we had today 😊 The children got to enjoy various activities planned for them.

We started with some familiar nursery rhymes and dancing. The children love to wiggle around and show off their moves. Dancing is a highly social and physical activity which can help improve social skills and enable them to communicate in a creative expressive way as they explore music and movement.

During our learning centre, the teachers prepared many fun activities. We started with group time, and our favourite books ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ and ‘Cows in the Kitchen’ whilst others enjoyed music with Rita and Cindy.

We’ve done lots of painting, drawing, and pasting, exploring our creativity. Children loved making their very own cows from the kitchen and sheep from “The Very Cranky Bear”.

It was great to see the children engaged in all sort of experiences.

The children were also invited to practice their yoga poses. Yoga has many benefits, some of which are, coordination, concentration, relaxation and flexibility.

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