Outside was very busy this morning, Lily, Adeline and Charlotte had time exploring in the cubby house. They pretended to pat each other to sleep, Lily put Adeline asleep.

Sandpit is always a big hit with all the children. Today the vehicles were a big hit, as they moved around and around the pit. Using their fine motor and large motor to get them from one side to the other.

Jeffrey and Charlotte enjoyed pushing the small cars through the tunnels we made from the white pipes. Jeffrey made a longer tunnel by placing two together. They really enjoyed this activity and played well alongside each other.

Nelson set up a large obstacle course for the children to promote large muscle development. The children had to go under, over and balance on the objects set out for them. They really enjoy Nelson’s activity and all children love to join in.

With Liza the children had to choose an emotion and place it with it’s matching face. They told Liza how the picture was feeling.

Inside at group time the children helped Helena dress our doll for winter time. She asked them, ‘’What do we wear for winter’’. The children then put their hand up and told her what was needed.

‘’A Jumper’’, Lily said,  ‘’Long Pants’’ Arda said. ‘’A Hat’’ said Viraj.

To continue winter team, the children were then invited to join Donna for a story about the bears in the snow and to talk about what we can make when it snow’s. ‘’A Snowman’’ Shona said.

They were then invited to make their own snowman using whiter paint, orange paper and eyes. They loved this activity and made many creative snowmen.

Arda and Edward worked very hard together as a team and made the fire truck engine puzzle.

Happy Wednesday Aqua Friends!!


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