On this beautiful day, we started our day off with exploring Emerald room. We love climbing and sliding down the slippery dip, played with the different toys and ride the car in the yard.

We love moving to the rhythm of ‘baby shark’ and ‘rock a by a bear’.

During group time, we enjoyed story time with our educators, looking through the pictures  and recognising the animals from the book “Cows in the kitchen”! we love our music group time with props. We also enjoyed singing various songs, listening to various stories with Cindy and Jasmine.

During learning centre time, we enjoyed painting different things. For instance, we enjoyed making birds with black paint. We couldn’t help to feel the paint on our hands! We also love exploring different colour paint!

In another learning centre, we practiced our fine motor and cognitive skills by patting, feeling, rolling, cutting and cutting different shapes with playdough. We practiced our cognitive skills by incorporating different materials such as feathers into the playdough play.

We also practice our language skills by looking at different books. The buttons on Cindy’s interactive books reads out different objects to us, and we liked to flip through others books by ourselves!

We had so much fun today!

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