Today children started the day by stretching and relaxing their bodies with Alejandra. All the engaged children with great energy participated in promoting their health and wellbeing.

We spend our group time with Tima and Liza by singing morning songs. With the winter project we continued to acknowledge children about winter clothes where Isla, Charlotte, and Shona contributed in sharing about their winter clothes with their friends. This helps in building confidence as well as enhance the learning disposition of children. Thank you guys 😊

As an extension, children were prompted to make their own versions of beanies and gloves with textas facilitating their pen holding grip. Similarly, some children engaged in cutting and pasting and tried making collage of the things they like. The activity enhances their fine motor skills.

Our active children got involved in crossing the obstacle course to enhance their gross motor skills. At the end of the obstacle course, they were encouraged to match the emotions they picked. All the children were really fast like Superheroes.

During free paly, our engineers showed off their skills in building tunnels for the cars whilst some children enjoyed exploring the Aqua Jurassic World. Alice had fun in fixing the puzzles whereas Jake prepared coffee and served for him. The self-selected activities contribute in promoting children’s sense of agency and uncovers their sense of identity. Moreover, the activities scaffold as well as reveals the existing understanding of children.



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