Our beautiful Friday began with a Lockdown drill as a part of our emergency drill practice. The children are becoming confident learners by participating in new learning experiences.

This was followed by engaging in small group times. The children share their ideas without hesitation. They have started responding to open-ended questions during group times. It if amazing to see them learning something new each day!

They enjoyed stretching their bodies on Yoga mats. From reaching to the sky to touching their toes, the children showed great observation and physical skills when making yoga poses.

Exploring indoor and outdoor play spaces was fun and provided many happy moments for our children!

They did mark making on slate boards, on paper as well as in the sand trays. What a lovely time making patterns!

The cash register was popular and it is great with conceptual learning – cause and effect’. Similarly, posting shapes as well as putting pom-poms into the egg carton was loved by many of our children. They polished their fine motor, hand eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Well done children!

Little Ada and Charlie had so much fun playing alongside with each other. Ada showed off her sitting skills while Charlie focussed on the sensory elephant! They shared lots of smiles.

Our wonderful day continued with effective involvement by children. They also enjoyed dancing and wiggling themselves to their favourite music.

Last but not least, looking through the picture books and playing on the outdoor equipment were some of their favourite activities. They are showing good bodily awareness and increasing body balance.

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