Today some of the children started their morning of dancing with Liza to Elsa song ‘’Into the unknown’’. The children love dancing, they listen to the rhythm and move their bodies. They also use cognitive skills and remember the words and love to sing nice and loud.

Some of the children enjoyed exploring the coloured blocks. They looked through them and then said the colour they could see. Isla enjoyed stacking them using her gross motor skills.

At group time, Tima read the story about the three bears. The children love this story and were so engaged. After for learning center time the children had the opportunity to explore the story themselves using the felt board. They told the story off the three bears with visual props by placing them on the board.

Outside with Liza and our lovely student Suki, the children started to learn all about Naidoc celebrations and what it is about. They listened to a story from Suki about Aborigine and Islander people and then sat in a yarning circle and used the talking stick to talk about anything with each other. It is a practice that aboriginal people have, where they speak and listen to each other. The children were really focused and listened to each other speak.

With Meg the children used fine motor skills to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners.

Donna’s group made some lovely snowmen as we are learning the sessions and with winter being here and it cold we decide to make some white snowmen.

Viraj did some cutting with the scissors.

Outside in the garden in the afternoon the children had some time with the Guiney pig, they feed him lettuce and had the chance to pat him. Leo loved feeding him and watch his mouth as it moved while he was eating. This activity helps the children to develop positive feelings about pets and it also contribute to a child’s self esteem and self confidence and help to build trusting relationships with peers.

Have a lovely weekend Aqua!!

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