It’s Monday again! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 🙂 We’ve been very busy today and we’ve had so much fun!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with their educators, where they read stories and sang songs! Together we talked about our weekends and what the weather is like today! What a lovely way to practice our language through social interactions and conversation!

With group time finished, it’s time for yoga! The children love to join in and stretch their bodies up high. We love to practice our animal poses and work on our gross motor skills! Today we practiced our dogs, butterflies and pigs! Well done everyone!

The children got crafty today with some fun arts and crafts! In preparation for NAIDOC week, the children have been busy decorating fish using sticks to create aboriginal style dot paintings!

We love the song ‘Cows in the kitchen’ and we’ve been painting lots of animals from the song, so today we were busy painting dogs with washing up brushes! How fun 🙂


The children are always curious about different body parts and where they are on the body! So today we talked about teeth, where they are, what they’re for and how to keep them clean! With this activity the children used a toothbrush and a paint brush to brush away the marks on the teeth!

And how could we forget about Marshmallow! We fed her some delicious lettuce and gave her lovely cuddles!

Today the children have enjoyed puzzles, playing in the sand pit, popping bubbles and dancing! What a lovely day 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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