Tuesday is here! Of course we’ve been really busy having lots of fun, participating in activities and playing with our friends!

This morning the children enjoyed group time with their educators. The children love to read stories, sing songs and play with the puppets! We love to discuss the weather and talk about everyone’s pets at home!

We had a lovely yoga session this morning too! The children were excited to get started and join in with their friends. We used our gross motor skills to stretch our bodies up high and make funny animal poses! What a lovely way to encourage children’s participation in morning exercise!

The children had a wonderful time using the rainbow parachute today! Together the children held onto the sides and moved the parachute up and down to make the colourful balls fly around! This was a fun activity to promote gross motor skills, as well as colour recognition and language!

Speaking of rainbows … the children enjoyed a little science experiment with coloured pens and water! The children watched patiently as the colours moved from one side of the tissue paper to the other, like magic!

Today we’ve been drawing Aboriginal symbols in the sand with sticks – a lovely way to introduce the children to Aboriginal culture and practice our fine motor skills too! We drew the sun, waves and snakes in the sand! The children have also been decorating turtles with cotton buds to create more Aboriginal style dot paintings!

The children have had a lot of fun today, talking on the phone and replying to emails in the ‘office’ and playing in the sand pit! Thanks for a lovely Tuesday, see you tomorrow 🙂

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