We’ve had a fantastic Wednesday in the Emerald room! Another day packed full of activities and fun 😊

The children enjoyed different group times with their favourite educators before participating in yoga and learning centres!

During our yoga session the children focused on being tall like a tree and stretching their branches out to the sides! We worked on our gross motor skills by practicing lots of animal poses and had a great time doing so!

In preparation for NAIDOC week the children have participated in a group gluing and sticking activity to create the Aboriginal flag! We had so much fun working on our fine motor skills and learning about Australian and Aboriginal culture!

In the mornings we’ve been hearing some noisy kookaburras! Robyn showed the children a video of her holding a cheeky kookaburra that was laughing at all of her jokes! We then painted our own kookaburras using cotton wool and pegs! How fun 😊

The rainbow parachute was so much fun yesterday, we decided to play with it again! The children all had so much fun using their gross motor skills to make the parachute fly up and down!

Today the children have had a wonderful time exploring the Aboriginal corner, building sandcastles and pretending to be butterflies!

Thanks for a fun day 😊

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