We have had a lovely Monday in Crimson! With so many different activities to chose from, we certainly have been busy!

Sony began teaching some of us about the planet Venus! We looked at pictures of Venus then drew our own pictures. We loved describing our planet to Sony as we express our creative sides!

Meg and Tima invited us to make a space drawing. We worked together on a large piece of paper and drew our favourite things about space. It was great to hear the children talking about all the things they have already learnt about so far and applying it to the group activity.

Amanda was focusing a bit on Earth today, as we move through the planets in our solar system. We talked about the things that make Earth special and enjoyed listening to a new book about Earth. We also had a chance to make our own Earths using blue and green playdough that we helped to make.

Rosanna invited us to make some Winter themed crafts! We loved painting our leaves with “snow” and talking about all the things that we love about the cooler weather.

We also were busy with building, drawing, playing in the tent in 59, completing puzzles, and welcoming our new friend Eric to Crimson!

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