The Aqua children started this raining day with lots of indoor experiences. As children requested for dancing, they jumped, roared, pretended to be sharks and went on a bear hunt to some of their favourite songs. Such experience extends on children’s physical and cognitive skills. While some children were dancing, others were constructing with wooden blocks. Charles, Henry and Oscar made trains with the wooden trains while Isla, Adeline and Charlotte grouped different blocks together. The latch box with different locks was also very popular with the children, they explored and experimented with the different locks on the box.

During literacy group time, the Aqua children enjoyed some of the favourite stories such as ‘Cows in the kitchen’ and ‘Dirty Bertie’.  The children practiced their mathematics and language skills by singing ‘the ice cream song’.

During learning centre time, the children started with parachute play with the educators, the children explored the cognitive concept of fast, slow, up and down with the parachute. Their favourite part of parachute play was going underneath and reach for the parachute. While some children were doing parachute play, other children made foot print caterpillar with Mohini. When the rain stop, the children made ice cream in the sandpit and mud pie in the yard. They also enjoyed practicing their gross motor skills by climbing, balancing and running.  

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