It is a beautiful sunny the day and the children all came to Aqua today dressed in their favourite characters. They were all super excited to see each other dressed up for our day. We had many wonderful costumes, Elsa’s, Ana, Woody, Bob the Builder, Tiger, Doctor, Dragon, Superman, Emma from the wiggles, Peppa Pig and Cat Boy. The children really enjoyed dancing and many more fun activities with their peers.

Starting their day some of the children joined Alejandra for yoga. They relaxed their bodies and mind, ready for their day ahead.
Some of the children enjoyed play dough, they manipulated the knifes to cut the dough up. They also used their hands to mould it, strengthen their small muscles which in turn will help with writing development.
Some of the children joined Donna for bonkers beat, they said hello to Bonkers the monkey and his monkey friend he brought to visit today, then the children had the opportunity to play the beat on the drum, which they really enjoy. We also played the beat on our body parts.
Outside their was so, much happing. The children have been enjoying making the mud cakes and loved the sensory experience. They chatted and interacted with each other sharing, and helping each other make cakes.
Alice had fun trying to manipulate the clothes to dress her babies up, just like Mum dresses her baby sister.
Charlie and Henry had time at the magnate table, building a bus I could here them say, as they pointed and watched the buses drive past in Lane Cove.
Sand play is always a hit and today was no different, Isabelle, Jack and Isla played here digging, scooping and pouring sand, in buckets and through the windmill, Isabelle laughed as the wheel went round and round when the sand fell through.
What a fun day we had today at Aqua! Thank you Aqua parents for working very hard and arranging the wonderful dressing up costumes for their children. Have a wonderful Thursday evening!

Thank you Sabina and Amelia for sparing your time and visiting on this special day. Children loved he Elsa dress that you shared with teachers.

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