Happy Wednesday! What a lovely day the children have had playing together and learning new things!

Today the children enjoyed their group times where they had lovely conversations with their educators, read their favourite stories and sang so many nursery rhymes! The children all get so excited to join in with group time and practice their listening skills with their friends!

This morning, our yoga session was very fun! We started off with big gross motor movements and stretched our bodies ready for the day! The girls did a great job at helping Robyn stretch too …

We’ve also been practicing our fine motor skills by using scissors to cut paper! The children love to practice this skill and are engaged for a long period of time.

Today we made road signs – classic Australian kangaroo road signs! The children had fun gluing and sticking to make their signs!

We also used toilet rolls to paint some lovely flower pictures!

Today has been so much fun … and it was also Claire’s Birthday! Today we celebrated with cupcakes for afternoon tea where we sang Happy Birthday to Claire and she blew out her candle!

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