Happy Friday! We’ve come to the end of another fabulous week in the Emerald room 🙂

Today the children settled in for group time with their educators, where they read all of their favourite books and sang so many nursery rhymes! Our group times are a perfect time to sit down and engage the children in conversations that will enhance speech and language development!

It’s time for yoga and the children are excited! We love to practice our yoga poses every day to get us warmed up for the day ahead of us! Today we focused on our tree poses – we made our bodies tall and strong, just like a tree!

We love to get messy! Today the children explored shaving foam in the big tray! They used their fingers to draw in the foam and feel it in their hands. What a fun and sensory activity!

The children have been making road signs this week! We’ve been associating different shapes with different signs. So today we made a triangular ‘Low flying aircraft’ sign! The children used a paintbrush to paint the sign red and then used their fine motor skills to stick on an aeroplane! So much fun 🙂

The children have had a lovely Friday playing in the home corner outside, where they bathed their babies before patting them to sleep!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

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