Happy Monday! Welcome back to the start of another fantastic week in the Emerald room! It’s a lovely sunny day and the children have been enjoying their time outside!

The day kicked off with our usual group times! The children sat down and participated in meaningful conversations, stories and nursery rhymes! What a lovely way to start the day 🙂

Of course we started our week off right with a fabulous yoga session to warm up our bodies for all of the fun activities planned for today! The children were excited to start their yoga session and helped to set up the mats! Today we worked on our gross motor movements and our star pose. Well done everyone!

The children had a great time working on their fine motor skills by exploring the play dough and using scissors to chop it up! We also used tongs to transfer small teddy bears from bowl to bowl!

Today we made wonderful paintings with the blocks! The blocks made a square print on our paper and it was so much fun! The children have been enjoying painting with different shapes to help with their shape recognition!

What a great Monday we’ve had playing with blocks, typing on the keyboards and giving Marshmallow lots of cuddles! 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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