Happy Monday! We are looking forward to another exciting week in Crimson.

The pipes with the tennis balls was very popular this morning. We then used the cars to try a new medium. We moved the pipes at different angles to see how fast or slow the cars would go.

Amanda invited us to extend our interest in the book “Ori’s Stars.” We used pastels to draw on the black paper to do our favourite part of the story. It is wonderful to see how unique all our pictures were and why we chose that part of the story.

We liked using the dinosaurs in the Playdough. It was interesting to see the different types of imprints their feet would make. We also showed our creativity as we made different homes out of the Playdough.

We were curious about the noise coming from the car park! We checked out the steam rollers! We extended our interest by pretending we were flattening the sandpit.

We worked on some patterns with Tima. We liked using the scrapes of paper and putting them into order to make our own patterns.

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