Thursday has arrived and the children have enjoyed another lovely day in the Emerald room!

Naturally we kicked started our day with fun group time! Each educator’s group time is very different and the children love to experience them all throughout the day! Together we read books, sing songs and play games!

We had another exciting yoga session! The children were eager to join in and collected their mats to begin. We stretched our bodies to promote our gross motor skills and physical development! Our funny animal poses will help with coordination and balance too 🙂

The shaving foam is back! And this time with dinosaurs – Rawrrr! The children have been quite interested in dinosaurs this week and enjoy playing with them by making them roar and eat leaves. So today we explored the dinosaurs in the shaving foam – always a fun and sensory experience that promotes cognitive development!

In our sandpit today, we added water to experiment with wet and dry sand! We used our diggers and trucks to build a car park, just like our brand-new one! Great building everyone!

What a lovely day we’ve had playing with our friends in the garden, enjoying the cars, blocks and home corner too! 🙂

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