In 59, we began learning about Saturn! We were particularly interested in learning about Saturn’s rings. We extended this interest by creating our own Saturn and then made our own rings using glitter!

We enjoyed making music today. Both in the yard and outside, we were busy in our music sections. It is so wonderful to share our instruments with our peers, use the dancing scarves, and sing songs!

We learnt a new game with Arturo today called Princesses, Princes, and Dragons. We played this game and had to act out our different roles as we played this new version of tag.

We also continued making planets with both Sony and Gail today! Our space knowledge has certainly grown in the last few months!

Dressing up was very popular as well! Tima also extended our interest in painting today as we completed some beautiful water colour paintings!

We also were busy in the Home Corner, playing in the sandpit, and Tennis!

Have a great weekend, see you next week!


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