Happy Friday Everyone!! Today there was a tea party set up in the sandpit. The children were so eager to play Tea Party when they arrived at today. Poppy, Isabelle and Isla had so much fun making tea and cake for each other.

It was so heart-warming to see Edward give his little sister Eliza a big cuddle over the gate when he saw her in Emerald. He is so caring and loves them very much.  Edward then joined some children and explored the train’s and tracks set out on the table. The children love transporting the toys around.

Poppy explored the insects, she was so focused on finding the matching bug inside the book.

Inside Beatrice enjoyed time in the kitchen, she really enjoys the dog teddy and made some funny barking noises for him.

At group time the children are learning about the days of the week. They show Donna 7 fingers and then sing our song. The children are starting to understand how many days there are, the names and what the day is today. Well done clever Aqua children!!

A small group of children sat with Donna to do some cutting. Georgia H tried really hard to hold the scissors properly and is showing great perseverance. When they finished practicing holding and cutting the paper, they then made some big circles on the paper.

With Katherine, the children explored different stamps. They use food colouring and stamped onto the paper to see the shape come out.

The children continue to develop large muscles with Nelson.  Jumping, hopping and kicking the ball all help develop these muscles.

Isabella made an elephant with Carolina, whilst Isla and Isaac became builders and used their coordination skills to hammer and build a tall tower.

Outside Charlotte was seen exploring the mirror and her reflection in it. She laughed as she peeked at herself in it.

What a fun filled Friday! Have a wonderful weekend Aqua Families!!


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