Although it was a rainy day, we engaged in a variety of activities and enjoyed the time in the sandpit when we could. It was lovely to enjoy the wet texture of the sand.

We worked on shape recognition with Tima today. After completing a matching activity, we made the shapes out of sticks. This was a great way to translate our previous knowledge into a tangible learning experience.

Amanda continued to engage us in learning about Saturn. We made Playdough and then used pipe cleaners to replicate the rings.

Meg invited us to make some rainy day pictures to match the weather outside! We loved seeing how creative everyone was as they talked about their favourite things to do in the rain. Later on, we enjoyed playing “Bug in the Rug.”

We also enjoyed making items for a party in the castle with Arturo.

We began our School Readiness program today. We practised printing the letter A in both upper and lower case format. We then talked about the sound the letter A makes as well as finding words that start with the letter A.

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