In 59, we played a game during Learning Centre to see what information we remembered about each planet! We then acted out that orbit with the sun (Amariah), Mercury (Billy), Venus (Rueben), Earth (Josh), Mars (Thomas), Jupiter (Clementine), and Saturn (James). We’re looking forward to learning about Uranus, Neptune, and our dwarf planet Pluto. We also continued on our Saturn crafts and completing puzzles!

We learnt some new space related games today with Amanda. We loved playing “Still Like a Telescope”, “What Do You See Mr. or Miss Astronaut”, and “Alien, Alien, Where’s Your Moonrock.” It was great to be outside after the last few rainy days and really get moving!

With Sony, we made some rockets out of different shapes. We talked about the shapes we recognised and which planet we would like to visit in our rocket.

We also enjoyed our dance time with Ms. Cheryl on the deck today! We loved balancing the bean bags and scarves on our head and learning new dance moves.

Gail invited us to make some space scenes using gel pens, star stickers, and our space knowledge. We showed how much we have learnt over the last two months as we drew planets, rockets, constellations, satellites, etc.

With Tima, we continued working on our rainy day pictures as well as using the paddle pop sticks to make different shapes.

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