Wednesday has arrived! What a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had!

The children enjoyed their day outside to make up for the rainy weather we’ve been having!

Group time is a great way to engage the children in meaningful conversation and positive social interaction with teachers and friends! Together we read our favourite books, sing so many nursery rhymes and talk about lots of different things – animals, the weather and our friends.

The children had lots of fun during yoga this morning! It’s always such a fun way to practice gross motor skills, balance and coordination. But we are always smiling and showing our friends all the animal poses that we enjoy doing! Today we were snakes and crocodiles 😊

We’ve been focusing on construction and building recently! Thanks to our new carpark, construction has been quite the topic of conversation! Today the children explored the different small world construction vehicles that we have in the sensory tray with shaving foam! The children love to feel the foam on their hands … and on their faces …

Today the children helped decorate a big digger with yellow and black tissue paper! We used our fine motor skills to push the tissue paper down on our digger!

What a lovely day it’s been playing with Cindy’s toy box, reading books and of course, giving Marshmallow all of the love and cuddles she deserves!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Madeleine! Thank you for sharing your Birthday (and cupcakes) with us today! We loved singing Happy Birthday and watching you blow out your candle!

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