Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of another week … and a new month in the Emerald room! We’ve got lots of fun activities planned! School photos are this week too 😊 it’s so lovely seeing everyone in their best clothes, looking cute!

This week we are learning all about teeth!! This week is Dental Health week and we are going to have so much fun!

Today the children kicked off their week with group times! They read stories and sang songs together! We love to sit down and participate in group time to encourage social interactions and language development!

We practiced our yoga this morning and warmed up our gross motor skills with downward dog! What a fun way to encourage daily exercise for keeping healthy!

Today, Robyn brought in an X-Ray of her teeth, along with 2 of her teeth from when she had her wisdom teeth removed! Together the children sat down to look at the X-Ray and talk about their teeth! We talked about what food makes them healthy and strong and why not looking after your teeth can be bad!

Then we glued lots of teeth onto a paper mouth! This was a fun way of working on fine motor skills but also helping children understand where in the body their teeth are! Everyone did a great job at showing off their lovely teeth 😊

We’ve had so much fun today; playing in the sand, drawing pictures and building towers!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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