Tuesday has arrived! The school photos are going well, and everyone’s outfits are beautiful!

Today we started our day off with group time! The children enjoyed singing with Ekta, stories with MeiTing and counting teeth with Robyn. Group time is always a fun way to engage the children in language and meaningful interactions!

Yoga was so much fun today! MeiTing led the children in a fabulous yoga session where they exercised their gross motor skills and practiced animal poses! Today the children became snappy crocodiles!

Continuing with our Dental Health Week, the children have been participating in activities that will help them to understand more about teeth and the importance of brushing every day!

The children painted some lovely teeth a bright white colour with paintbrushes and also used toothbrushes to brush some big teeth with ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam)!

What fun activities to engage children in learning about dental health!

Today has been a wonderful day! The children enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor environments – they played in the ‘office’ typing emails and answering phones and drew lots of gorgeous pictures!

Thanks for a great day 😊

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