On this sunny day, the Aqua explorers loved spending time in the warm sun! They participated in various vehicle related activities such as car pretend play with the fire station as well as running their vehicles around and inside the sandpit. Meanwhile, children inside practiced their cognitive and social skills by building train track together.

The animal and sensory bin tables were popular with the explorers. They pretended play with a variety of animals at the animal table and recounted ‘cows in the kitchen’. Others enjoyed counting and sorting the animals into different groups. At the sensory bin table, the children were busy exploring volume and polishing their fine motor skills through scooping.

Just before learning centre time, the Aqua explorers listened to some of their favourite stories and song. To extend on children’s interest in vehicle, Nelson read stories about vehicle. With Liza, the children sang days of the week songs and sharing stories about the objects they brought from home.

During learning centre time, the children continued the topic of vehicles by designing their own car with Liza. The children discussed the different vehicles on the puzzle and designed their

with different textas. With Helena, the explorers were invited to do ball painting as an extension to their interest. The explorers were particularly curious about the texture of paint on balls, and they enjoyed painting with this new tool.

Outside in the yard, the children practiced their gross motor skills through walking around the obstacle course, jumping over block and balancing on the beam.

The Aqua explorer had such a busy day today.


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