Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve got some lovely activities planned and look forward to a lovely week!

We love to start off each day with group time! It’s a wonderful part of the day where children can practice their listening skills and participate in stories, singing and conversations with their peers and educators!

Of course we also did yoga this morning! What a great way to warm up on a chilly day! We exercised our gross motor skills with big jumping movements, stretches and animal poses!

Our construction project has expanded based on the children’s interests! We’ve now moved into the wonderful world of transportation … and today we began by painting lovely red cars! The children used their fine motor skills to manipulate the paintbrushes to paint their cars! Well done everyone 😊

We’ve had a great time drawing pictures, tapping wooden blocks with a hammer and playing with the keyboards and phones!

Thanks for a marvelous Monday! 😊

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