Happy Thursday everybody! On this sunny day, the children started their day off with self-selected activities. The home corner was very busy with children looking for bags for shopping, having meetings on the bench as well as caring for babies. Just before morning tea, the children were invited to Yoga by Alejandra! The explorers enjoyed stretching to different poses and animal poses. Such experience allowed children to extend their physical skills.

Just before learning centre time, the children had literacy group time with Alejandra and Liza. With Alejandra, the explorers were introduced to different animals in Spanish. They also practiced their counting skills in different stories. With Liza, the children revisited days of the week as well as the weather. Jack brought photos from his brother’s birthday and he shared it with the rest of the children. Literacy experience provided opportunity for children to practice their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the children continued to learning about different vehicles. With Nelson, they explored the names of different vehicles through figurines. The children were very excited to name the vehicles with Nelson and explore the figurines!  The children practiced their creative skill by making a racing car! They could not wait to paint different panels of the car! Alejandra today invited the children to explored colours through finger painting.  The children were also invited to make ice cream collage with Katherine. The children enjoyed putting different toppings (collage materials) on their ice cream!

Outside, the Aqua explorers were busy making pretend cakes in the sandpit, pretending to be sleeping beauties  in the yard on chairs as well as practicing their physical skills on different equipment.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy day today!

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