Thursday is here! The weather has been beautiful and we’ve enjoyed our day outside in the sunshine!

This morning the children participated in various group times with their educators! We had a lot of fun expanding our vocabulary and enhancing our communication skills through reading books, singing songs and having a chat!

The children really enjoyed yoga today! They had so much energy and enthusiasm for exercise this morning 😊 We had a lot of fun practicing our animal poses and working on our gross motor skills!

Red bird, red bird, what do you see?

Today the children painted red birds from their favourite book/song ‘Brown Bear’ – they used toothbrushes to paint with today!

Continuing with our transportation project, the children painted boats! We talked about what a fun going on a boat on the water would be!

Marshmallow got a delicious treat today … in the form of a juicy carrot and lots of cuddles! We love looking after and caring for our guinea pig, Marshmallow! The children practice using their gentle hands when stroking her and we talk about what lovely food she likes to eat! Well done everyone 😊

What a thrilling Thursday we’ve had! The children enjoyed the home corner, driving the cars, playing with puppets and dancing!

See you tomorrow 😊

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