Happy Friday to all our Aqua families. The children have had a super day, they love exploring all areas and today Poppy brought her favourite teddy’s to play with us.

In the kitchen area the 3 amigos, Lily, Adeline and Charlotte were playing with their dolls as always. They made beds for them on the floor and patted just like the teachers do at sleep time.

Outside in the sandpit area, Luca, Leo and Thomas enjoyed transporting their cars around.

Evelyn enjoyed some time at the blocks, she concentrated so hard as she made big towers, the teachers also saw a friendship forming as Alexia joined her and the two of them shared so nicely. The group grow as Dominic, Thomas and Georgia Hope joined in also.

At large group times the children’s concentration skills is also developing so much as they sit and listen for at least an hour. With Donna the children sang the day’s of the week and then read some stories.

After stories, we spoke about the importance of keeping our skeleton outside and inside healthy. The children talked about washing and eating healthy.  They loved seeing the skeleton in the picture, and after some joined her to make our very own skeleton.

At Liza group time there also was lots of fun things happening. Beatrice and Thomas gain confidence skills as they became the monkeys and stood up and sang the song with the props.

Then with Liza they had some sensory play with the shaving foam in the green box and small cars. They were surprised when they could see the wheel tracks they made.

With Nelson the children continue to develop large muscles as they made big leaps to complete the course. They needed to use coordination skills also as they made that big jump.

Adeline, Lily and Charlotte are loving Donna’s game where they have to spin the spinner and it can land on an Action card, animal or object. They then have to act or make the sound so their peers can guess what they are doing. Adeline had to pretend she was hammering a nail, and she very cleverly went to the blocks and got one and a hammer and did the action. Well Done Adeline!!

What a fun day in Aqua! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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