We enjoyed making aliens with Amanda today. We had a variety of resources to chose from as we made our creations. We also talked about what planets our aliens had come from. We also loved completing the new space museum puzzle and making aliens out of Playdough.

Tima continued to challenge us to print our letters of our names in smaller print on lines. We also did some drawing of flowers today and showed our concentration as we coloured/decorated different parts of our flowers.

Sony invited us to make butterflies today. We looked at different butterflies first then did our drawings of them.

We continued working on understanding how the tide works with Gail today. We also did “fishing” at the sensory table, drawings from a few books, and making patterns with the stones.

Yoga was also a fun activity for this morning with Arturo!

During School Readiness in 59, we worked on the letter E today. We have shown a lot of confidence in printing this letter, as well as identifying words that start with the letter E. In Crimson, we continued working on our number awareness as we used rulers to make pictures. We pointed out the numbers we were seeing on them!

We want to wish Freya a happy 4th birthday! Thank you for being special treats to celebrate! We hope you had the best day.

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