It’s Tuesday! Day 2 of our Science week and the children are having so much fun being curious and investigating 😊

Today the children enjoyed more group times with different teachers. Each teacher’s group time is so different, and the children love to join in with all of them! But group time is always a fantastic way to encourage speech and conversations with the children.

It’s time for yoga and the children are always keen to get started! Today the children helped to hand out the mats and take each other’s shoes and socks off ready to go! Yoga is a fantastic way to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle, as well as enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

For today’s science experiment we talked all about germs! We used pepper, water and soap to show the children the importance of washing their hands with soap!

This is a fun experiment to try at home.

Pour some pepper into the water so that it floats on the surface. When the children put their finger into the water, the pepper sticks to their finger – those are the germs!

But when the children dip their finger into soap before dipping their finger into the water with the pepper … the pepper disperses along the top of the water, away from the soapy finger!

The children all participated and were amazed by the ‘germs’!

Today has been great! The children have had fun sorting pompoms, drawing pictures and playing with the babies in the home corner. What a terrific Tuesday 😊

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