Happy Thursday! We’ve had another amazing day in the Emerald room!

Today during our group time, we talked about the lovely weather we are having recently! We’ve been having lots of sunny days with blue sky!! The children are really starting to take note of the weather and they love to tell the educators.

We had yoga this morning as well! A perfect way to stretch and move our bodies, focusing on gross motor skills that will enhance physical development, coordination, and balance! Today the children enjoyed being little pigs playing in muddy puddles 😊

Science week is so much fun! Today we played with balloons and static electricity! We had so much fun rubbing balloons on our heads and watching our hair stand up on end! And balloons can stick to walls too – who knew science could be so much fun!?

White dog, white dog what do you see? I see a gold fish looking at me!

Goldfish, goldfish what do you see?

I see children painting meeeee 😊


What a lovely Thursday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed playing in the cubby house, reading books and dancing around the rooms!

See you tomorrow!

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