Happy Friday to all our Aqua families. It was a sunny day and the children had lots of fun exploring today.

Lily made a sleeping bag out of our blanket and decided she would camp out.  Charlotte wanted to join her and she brought her baby with her. They spoke about looking at the stars and Edward told them they would make marshmallows for them by the camp fire.

Evelyn enjoyed some time with Teacher Caroline drawing some pictures after she arrived at Aqua today, while Henry made a space rocket with the magnets.

Liza had a dance class on the mat and the children enjoyed singing many songs and moving their bodies to the beat. They especially enjoy one of our new songs ‘’Waka, Waka’’ by Shanna Shakira. Adeline’s Dad,  Alex told Donna at breakfast time he was dancing last night to it while Adeline showed him the dance moves.

The children then sat in group time and we welcomed everyone to school by singing the good morning song. Jack brought a Rocket to share at group time for the letter of the week which is ‘’R’’.

After group times we had our learning centre time and with Donna today the children made snow, they used bicarb- soda, salt and vinegar. It didn’t quiet work but the children enjoyed the science experiment, as they love using the syringes.

There was lots of creative experiences we did magic painting, and made some lovely flowers.

Sand play was a hit as always.

Today Marshmallow the Guinea pig came to visit us also. The children love petting him and do so ever so gentle, they also love to watch him eat food. They laugh as his mouth moves, while he is chewing.

We wish all our Aqua friends and their families a super fun and save weekend.


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