It’s Tuesday! The children have had another lovely day exploring outside! Spring technically isn’t for another week … but it feels like spring has sprung early this year 😊

We welcomed the day with group time! The children enjoyed reading stories, playing games and singing songs with their educators. Together we talk about the weather, the days of the week and so much more.

A major part of our daily routine is, of course, yoga! Today the children could not wait to get started and take off their shoes and socks. We focused on stretching our bodies up tall like a tree and we had so much fun working on our gross motor movements!

Today the children used their fine motor skills to glue and stick tissue paper onto a flower. When the children had finished, they admired how beautiful their flowers were! Excellent job everyone! 😊

Tissue paper is lots of fun! It comes in fantastic colours and makes a wonderful rustling sound when touched. We found some lovely pink tissue paper and made butterflies!

We also coloured little owls in with chalk!

This Tuesday was terrific! The children had a great time outside playing with bubbles, exploring sea animals and eating ‘dinner’ in the home corner! 😊

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