Isla spent time in the sandpit area making pancakes, while Leo and Edward drove the trucks around.

Inside there was a puzzle table happening, Poppy, Georgia and a few more children really enjoyed using their cognitive skills to remember where the piece goes. The children are so quick at the puzzles now and enjoy the time together talking to each other.

Outside Isaac, Leo and Kavya made a big tower to the sky. They laughed as it fell over.

Inside Lily, Charlotte and Evelyn enjoyed some pretend play with their babies. The girls love pretending they are the teachers and they pat the dolls.

At group time we spoke about father’s day, how our Dad’s are special to us. In Liza’s group the children sang nursery thymes and read some stories. Pretend play encourages imagination and creativity, language and communication skills and many more.

Learning centre time was lots of fun. The children split into small groups with their teachers.

With Donna we played with water again as all children have being enjoying this experience, we used the syringes to suck up the water using our fine motor skills and we watered the plants, washed our toys and made our animals better with medicine.

With Liza the children spent time giving marshmallow some carrots, which help him see in the dark. With Maria the children made something special for Daddy, they used pieces of paper and made a heart for him. To each right post.

With Nelson the children had to match the colours and used large muscles to get to the other end.

We wanted to wish Annabel a very happy 2nd birthday. We hope you have a lovely weekend with your parents.

What a fun Friday, have a lovely weekend Aqua families.

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