Happy Monday everyone! On the last day of August, the Aqua explorers started their day off with various self-selected activities. They practiced their social, cognitive and language skills by cooking different cuisines at the home corner, while other Aqua builders were busy exploring shapes and balance through building structures with wooden blocks. At the sandpit, the children were busy exploring speeds with vehicles. With Alejandra, the little explorers extended on their physical skills by performing different yoga poses.

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers participated in in literacy group time with Nelson and Alejandra. With Nelson, they revisited different vehicles in the book ‘who’s driving’. They also sang some of their favourite songs and counted the number of monkeys in the puppet story ’10 Cheeky Monkeys’. With Alejandra, the children revisited colours and numbers in Spanish. Literacy experiences provided opportunities for children to extend on their cognitive and language skills.

During Learning centre time, as the result of children’s interest, the little explorers made super hero with hand and foot print. With Alejandra, they practiced their colours in Spanish by exploring various collage materials. With Luciana, the children explored playdough through cutting, moulding and rolling, they even made pretend cupcakes with it! Outside, the children practiced their gross motor skills through crawling like spiders and jumping. Syringe is a popular tool amongst children and today they enjoyed washing animals with syringe and water.

The children had such a busy day in Aqua!


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