We continued working on our Sunflower pictures with Amanda in 59. We also liked seeing the new musical instruments in 59 and put together a band. During School Readiness, we played an animal themed memory game. It was fun to work together as a team in order to beat Amanda.

We loved being in the yard with Tima today! We did some exercising and stretching in the morning to start the day. We also liked hanging on the monkey bars and climbing in the trees.

Sony helped us make masks this morning. Archie was very proud of his Bluey mask and Hunter loved his Batman mask.

Gail continued to invite us to explore the underwater world around us! We enjoyed the games and sensory tables that revolved around the water life.

Arturo invited us to make some nature drawings. We thought about our favourite parts of the garden and drew them.

We also had a lot of fun with the new kitchen set. We took turns making cake with the mixer and toast in the toaster!

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