Thursday is here and it’s been a warm one! The children enjoyed the lovely warm weather outside today 😊 As we move into Spring, please remember to pack shorts, t-shirts and hats in your child’s bag!

Group time this morning was so much fun! We read books and played with all of the props and toys in our treasure bags that go along with our favourite nursery rhymes. This is a great way to encourage social interaction and promote language!

Yoga time! The children showed off their listening skills today and followed along to the instructions beautifully! Well done everyone, the animal poses look great and it’s the perfect way to exercise our gross motor skills!

We had a great time playing with the rainbow parachute! The children loved moving it up and down to make the coloured balls fly around! The children did a fantastic job at recognising the different colours too 😊

We used pegs and cotton balls to paint a lovely Spring flower painting with purple and pink paint!

But we all had the most fun playing with water on this hot day! The children loved to splash around and cool off!

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