Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of a wonderful week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve had so much fun!

In group time today, the children really enjoyed singing ‘Old MacDonald’ whilst reading the book and looking at the different farm animals! It’s definitely one of our favourite songs and we definitely cannot go one day without singing it!

A quick yoga session to warm up our bodies!

The children had a great time talking about and looking at leaves today! Then we used our fine motor skills to colour our own leaves in! How fun 😊

It’s about time we gave Marshmallow some cuddles! Today we fed Marshmallow her favourite snack – celery! The children had fun smelling the celery and feeding it to Marshmallow. We gave her lots of cuddles and talked about how cute she is!

Today the children enjoyed using the keyboards and phones in the ‘office’, playing on the balance beam and building towers with the blocks!

Happy Birthday Anneliese! We loved celebrating Anneliese’s Birthday together for afternoon tea 😊 We sang Happy Birthday to her and watched her blow out her candle!

Have a lovely weekend and we hope you enjoy celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday!

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