Happy Monday! It’s the start of another week and we’ve kicked things off with a Birthday!

The children loved to gather around for group time with their educators! Cindy had her toy box, Jasmine had her bag of tricks and MeiTing used her fantastic felt board to tell stories and practice counting!

During our yoga session today, the children showed off their amazing moves and we warmed up our bodies using stretching, jumping and other gross motor movements! We had a great time 😊

Continuing with our ‘Brown Bear’ project, the children had fun matching up the animals!

We sorted animals by size using ‘big’ and ‘small’ circles!

And we had a wonderful time using our fine motor skills to pick up pompoms with tongs, solve puzzles and draw pictures!

Zac celebrated his birthday with us today! We all had so much fun singing Happy Birthday and watching Zac blow out his candle!

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