Today, we were very excited to see the Home Corner set up on the deck. It was fun to have a new place to engage in dramatic play with familiar objects!

Sony invited us to put a chicken’s life cycle in order today. We loved watching our eggs hatch into chickens.

Arturo continued to extend our understanding of gardening. We loved planting new seeds again today. We showed excellent turn taking skills throughout Learning Centre.

Amanda showed us more colourful examples of Andy Warhol’s work today. We loved how he turned regular objects into such fun things. We were then invited to draw our own creations and make them bright and colourful as well.

During School Readiness, we worked on our classification skills. We had to listen to Amanda say a word and decide if it was a “Day of the Week”, “Month of the Year”, “Season”, “Date” or “Weather.” We showed a lot of individual knowledge as well as being able to help our peers answer the question if someone got stuck.

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