We loved singing songs with Tima during group time. We also enjoyed making sun flower pictures using different coloured paint and using the tanbark from the yard for the centre part!

We enjoyed a gross motor game with Amanda. We showed off our star jumps, pretending to be different animals, hopping on one foot, dancing, and doing pushups!

We did some lovely meditation this afternoon as well. We focused on our breathing skills as we imagined a body of water that we could be swimming in, what colour the water was, and how it made us feel. We then shared what we had imagined with our friends.

Gail invited us to make some paintings by folding the paper in two. We were delighted to see that the picture had made a copy on the other side. We also liked using the multiple piece puzzle to put together different stages of life cycles for butterflies and a flower.

We enjoyed making kites with Arturo and practising our letter recognition skills.

Tennis was a lot of fun this afternoon as well! We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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