We had a wonderful and warm day as we began our small group times reading stories and singing songs. During this time, the children had fun learning new words and extending their attention span. They love to ask their teachers to get their favourite story books and toys out of the treasure bag, wanting them to read them and sing with the props and puppets! This shows that children are learning to communicate their wants and needs openly.

Yoga was full of fun today, as they followed the yoga poses and happily did warm up exercises.

The children engaged in various experiences to enhance their physical and social skills, such as walking over walking beam and going down the slippery dip, during which they had to take turns.

Children were invited to participate in lots of activities. With Meiting, we had the opportunity to extend our knowledge of spring and bugs, followed by making a spider web!

With Ekta we had a fun playing with the ice cubes.

Drawing is a great way to improve children’s fine motor skills as well as creativity, Children had lots of fun playing in the sand pit and water as well as making new friendships.

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