It’s Tuesday! The sun is shining and it’s lovely and warm once again 😊 The children have had a lovely day playing outside in the garden!

Our day began with group time! Thomas read lots of lovely stories to the children and Cindy played games with the toys in her toy box and sang so many songs. We love our group times in the Emerald room – they are always so much fun and the children learn so much.

A little bit of yoga to warm up our bodies and practice our gross motor skills …

Today the children planted cucumber seeds with Rita! Rita is a keen gardener and was excited to share her hobby with the children. They loved talking about how plants grow and about all the different vegetables we can grow in our gardens! Together they planted the seeds and watered them too! We can’t wait to see how they grow 😊

The children helped to give the animals a bath today! We played with soapy water, toothbrushes and sponges to help clean the animals!

We got artistic today too! The children really enjoyed using the paint roller and the easel to create some gorgeous paintings on cardboard today! We also used our fine motor skills to glue and stick to decorate beautiful butterflies for spring!

What a fantastic day we’ve had! 😊

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