Today, we began learning about Jackson Pollock and his “action painting” style. We used sticks from the yard and then did our own abstract painting on A3 size paper. We enjoyed using the flicking motions onto the paper and signed it with our handprints, similar to how Jackson Pollock signed his paintings.

We also enjoyed putting together a 100 piece puzzle that was a jungle theme. After we completed it, we had some dramatic play that we pretended to be gorillas, tigers, and a honey badger.

We did some bird themed counting and sorting today. We used feathers of different colours and pasted them on the paper. Next, we counted how many of each coloured feather there was and then how many there was all together.

With Gail, we continued working on making our caterpillar leaves. We also loved using the bubble beads to fill the eggs. There were also some insects in the birds’ nests for the birds to “eat.”

Arturo introduced some shape art. We made mosaic squares using scraps of paper and stickers. We then used textas to decorate our pictures.

Happy Birthday Sanjanaa! We hope you had the best day and thank you for bringing the delicious cakes!

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